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Balaji descends from an intellectual family from South India which now resides in the capital of the largest democracy of the world, Delhi. A semi-bald-pot-bellied personality who unintentionally resembles to the younger version of Ed Harris. He has explored various business verticals in order to understand what he wants from his life. Finally, not sure whether he has found it –verbicide- discovered it, he has resorted to writing literary pieces for UtheStory. Today, the organization sees him as the most experienced person – in India experienced means who has come off age- among all the other UTSians. His grasp on political arena is firm, but movies is his interest area and writing on sports is what he loves to do. That is the only reason, the organization considers him as the ‘Experienced’. He has been writing for Digit Bazar and Digit How for some time and has created a long list of aficionados by writing sardonic and literary article pieces. Balaji loves to give ideas for the graphics of the article that he writes –depends if that is accepted or rejected by the Design team- but he loves it, truly. His article reflects the true picture of the situation that he tries to cover and is very neutral to the topic. Being neutral does not mean he is dolesome by nature. He is very passionate and jovial human creature who at times enlightens people around him with his excellent sense of humor which is the amalgam of south and north India.

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