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Elmamlaka Company for cleaning services welcomes all its customers in Makkah, Jeddah and Taif. We have many different cleaning services. We have house cleaning and pest control services. You can also get the best cleaning and maintenance services for water tanks. Furniture transportation is one of our services as well.

  • Services of Elmamlaka Company in Taif:

Our customers in Taif can get our best services, which include the following services

Cleaning services:

Home Cleaning Company in Taif is a well-known company in this field. Through the services provided by Elmamlaka Company, you will live comfortably in a very clean place. We will clean everything up and this includes carpet cleaning, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and rooms.

Carpet and floor cleaning is stressful and difficult because the heavyweight carpet is difficult to lift from its place as it gets dirty easily. With Elmamlaka Company, we provide a team of workers who clean the carpets by regular means or steam. You must remove the dust first and then rub the stains.

We provide professional cleaning services so that you can rely on us to provide you with a clean and wonderful life and you can save your time and effort.

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Pest control services:

Elmamlaka Company has specialists in pest control it is known that insects are around us everywhere and they can easily enter the house. Insects cause different types of problems and diseases so it is necessary to provide pest control service and this is what we do in Elmamlaka Company.

Furniture transportation meccaشركة نقل عفش بمكة

When you consider furniture transportation, the first thing you are looking for is the appropriate cost and professional service. In Elmamlaka Company, you do not have to think about the high cost because we provide you with the furniture transportation services at reasonable prices.

We will pack the furniture and transfer it at the specified time to the specified location as well.

Water tanks cleaning and maintenance services:

No one can deny the importance of water in our lives. Water tanks have been invented to keep large amounts of water for longer periods. When these tanks become dirty, the water inside them also becomes dirty. This causes the bacteria to spread into the water and thus become unusable.

We offer you this service in order to get clean water and keep the water tanks protected from damage.

  • Services of Elmamlaka Company in Jeddah:

Cleaning services:

Cleaning the rooms, which include living rooms and bedrooms, is a work that needs a lot of precision and focus. The company team arranges the contents of the rooms in a coordinated and beautiful manner.

The stains and dirt accumulated in those rooms are also removed from carpet or furniture such as sofas and chairs by the teamwork of Elmamlaka Company in Jeddah.

Pest control services:

Insects can be easily eliminated by a professional company such as Elmamlaka Company. There are many types of effective insecticides and we use a lot of them to get rid of insects. These insects can cause a lot of damage but we will help you eliminate them.

When using pesticides, precautions should be taken as these pesticides can be toxic and cause health problems. These precautions include wearing protective gloves and masks.

Furniture transportation services:

Furniture products are part of any home and are considered a major challenge when moving. We have a large team of transport workers who will do this quickly.

The cost of a furniture transfer service is calculated according to several factors: furniture size, number of pieces and distance but we do provide the best price for each customer in Jeddah.

Water tanks cleaning and maintenance services:

We realize the importance of water tanks so we offer all our services for every customers in Jeddah city. We use the best cleaning and disinfection products, which include chlorine because it has antiseptic properties and it eliminates the bacteria.

In Elmamlaka Company, we strive to provide the best water tanks cleaning and maintenance services to each of our customers because it guarantees us a good reputation.

  • Services of Elmamlaka Company in Makkah:

Cleaning services:

Cleaning services include kitchen cleaning, which is difficult for the housewife. In the kitchen, we prepare food and recipes but the problem is the post cooking .The presence of dirt, fat, stains and a lot of cleaning work required.

We will assist you in cleaning your kitchen using the best cleaning products. Elmamlaka Company always help our customers in Makkah by offering many professional cleaning services.

Our cleaning services are professional and effective, we have the best prices, and we aim to provide these services to each customer in Makkah city so that all the houses in the city will be clean and wonderful.

Pest control services:

No one wants a house full of insects because these insects are a great danger but do not worry because we at Elmamlaka Company have the best ways to get rid of insects and effectively eliminate them.

We have a wide range of pesticides so we can get rid of all kinds of insects. If you suffer from insect spread in your home just contact us and we will come to end this problem.

Furniture transportation services:

Furniture transportation services are the best you can get with us in Elmamlaka Company. We keep your furniture and move it carefully by a group of professional workers and save you time and money because we have very great prices

Our services are always available so do not hesitate to ask for them.

Water tanks cleaning and maintenance services:

It is difficult for an ordinary person to clean the water tank because this will be unprofessional work and will not be sufficient. This is about cleaning work and maintenance is certainly very difficult.

We in Elmamlaka Company know the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance of water tanks and that is why we offer you a team of professionals and experts in order to do these works.

Elmamlaka Company recommends cleaning and maintaining water tanks continuously because clean tanks are the source of clean water and we offer water tanks cleaning and maintenance service so ask for them now.



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