Top 10 Mobile App Design Trends

Top 10 Mobile App Design Trends

Each year brings new evolutions and development. In the technological field, we keep enhancing ourselves for the good. We deal with several obstacles and become smarter. Making way for new opportunities and better beginnings, we are developing at a fast pace. Prepared for the challenges and aware of the new trends, not settling for less-everybody is in the race. For all, audience and set users are the targets. Their preferences are of key importance. In the world of smartphones new apps are launched very frequently. Only few are to stay. User friendly apps are being prioritized by everyone. Making it up to the users’ expectations, is not easy. Not every app matches to the yearly design trends.

In the world of new, everybody shall strive for uniqueness and ideas out of the box. This is challenging initially, but you never know where it takes you.

The following are the top 10 mobile app designs of 2017. Matching up to the bar is required and useful.

  1. Mobile Commerce Applications

  • For Payments

Transactions take place every minute. Every person is busy making payments, transacting, receiving, lending or borrowing. Transactions are a part of daily life now. Help people handling their transactions online through your e-commerce apps. Online payments of bills, merchandise or any fee will make people choose your application.

  • For Shopping

Also, designing online shopping applications is on the list. People are busy, give them options like Flipkart and Amazon to shop from home. Provide varieties with good descriptions. Create an internet/online market for the users.

  1. On-Demand Apps

Like Uber; the on-demand taxi app, Zomato and Food Panda; the on-demand food apps and Quicker; the service app are the applications which save time. Everybody is short of time today and if there are certain applications which help the user for food and services, with 24*7 availability; people use them more.

  1. App Security & Push Notifications

  • Security of the Application

Application security shall be the primary place of attention. Communications in the apps and pictures of the users, contact information and also the confidential details for transactions, your application shall be necessarily secured.

  • Push Notifications

While scrolling on the net and searching for a number of things, people usually forget the list. This shall not be forgotten by us and Push Notifications must do the work.

  1. Accessibility/ Adaptability

Your application should be such that it can be accessed by all. It shall be understandable to considerable age bars. Accessibility depends upon the font styles, sizes, designing and colors. The easier the accessibility, the more the user friendly the app is.

Adaptability depends on the easiness your application offers to users. The more procedural and sequential your application is, the more adaptive to it the users will be.

  1. Material Design

The material of your application shall be cunning and crisp, the designing beautiful. This makes the application smarter and appealing. The content and material will be influential.

  1. Blur Backgrounds

Blurred backgrounds or tinted backgrounds work. These show a direction and are amicable. Although these backgrounds are diffused yet they have eye catching effect. They are trending and the images and colors are merged and diffused behind but the buttons are clearly visible, so it is attractive.

  1. Typography and Color

Consider the difference between the desktop and mobile screen and so the color schemes and typography used for mobile screens shall be different from that used on large screens. The typography shall be such that the most important information gets registered quickly. The font shall be large and the color combinations be careful so they don’t skim.

  1. Navigation

Not hide and seek much but plain icons instead of hidden combinations are more appealing. Hamburger is also in less of a use because of its hidden frenzy. Individual icons are self- explanatory and easier.

  1. Movements, Animations and Videos

Anything that moves catches the eye. Animations and videos can be the primary way to highlight and get important schemes noticed. Any coupon or freebies or discount- by way of these will get registered by more people.

  1. Gestures

Touch or double touch, pinch-in or pinch-out, holding, dragging, and a lot of them are trending. These are gestures. These are new, cool and easy. This shows that your app requires less and provides more. Hence, there shall be more use of gestures that brings traffic to your app.

So, keep your eyes peeled off for these top 10 Mobile App design trends.



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