I see a lot of women complaining about their skin these days. Dullness, tanning, pimples all these are common skin problems faced by Indian women. But just a few simple things taken care of during or along with your daily routine can do wonders to your skin. And I strongly feel that you can and also should take out that much of time, daily from your household chores. Let me tell you 10 basic points that can help you get that perfect looking skin that you dream of.

1 Understand your skin type

Most common problem is that we don’t know what suits our skin and that is the core issue. You buy expensive beauty products not considering your skin type. First let’s try and understand this.

Dry Skin

If you get that tightening, rough feel after a bath then you have dry skin. When you touch your skin, you can feel the roughness and uneasiness.

Normal Skin

No pimples, no itching and scratching skin. Just supple and smooth texture is the characteristics of a normal skin. This skin type is compatible with most of the soaps and creams available in the market.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is easy to spot. There is always a bit of unwanted shine on your face. Take a tissue wipe your face with it, if you see a lot of oil on the tissue, you skin in Oily type. This gives you an uneasy feel when you wake up in the morning in summers.

Combination Skin

This is the most difficult to spot and maintain. Forehead, chin and nose area forms the T zone on the face. In combination skin your T zone is oily and all the other areas on the face like cheeks are either dry or normal.


First thing you do once you are out of bed, is wash your face with a splash of normal tap water, this would help clear all the oil and dirt that has got accumulated on your face during the night.

On the go

While you get busy with your daily chores around the house like cleaning, making beds, grab something from your fridge like curd, lemon or tomato. Apply a bit of it on your face and leave it on for 10minutes and see the difference. Do this on a regular basis, it can work wonders. Your kitchen is full of magic ingredients for your skin.


Before you step out in the sun, make sure you apply a good SPF. Buy any SPF 15+ sunscreen for daily use. Make sure you apply it all year around, especially during summer, winter or monsoon. Use it as a base for any make up you apply on your skin before moving out. During extreme heat try taking a scarf or an umbrella in order to shield yourself from direct sunlight.


Drink plenty of fluids preferably water, lemonade, fruit juices and coconut water. Water based fruits would be excellent and avoid aerated drinks. This keeps your skin hydrated and helps flush out the oxidants from your body.


If you are working, it doesn’t take much to grab a banana or an apple. Try taking home cooked food. Avoid eating out. Eat less spicy and oily food, especially if you have oily skin. Whatever goes into your tummy reflects on your skin. Include a bit of everything in your diet just try keeping a check on the quantity.


Buy a good face cream. You might have to try a few of them. The product may say that it is meant for oily skin, normal or dry but still you need to try them first. Look for the one that suits you the best. Try as per your specific needs like anti tan, anti-wrinkles, for shine, whitening. There are a lot of options available in the market.  Also you can consult with a skin care specialist available in some department stores.

Skincare routine

Follow a strict cleansing toning and moisturizing routine. Start with cleansing, wipe your face with a toner after that and in the end moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer.

Make up

Make sure you buy good quality make up products and always check there expiry date. Never ever go to sleep with your make up on, cleanse your face properly using a makeup remover. Olive oil is a great makeup remover. This will take only 5-10 minutes but sleeping with your make up on can really damage you skin.

10 Lifestyle

Never miss out on your 8 hours of daily sleep and a bit of exercising which will lower your stress levels. We understand that all these 3 points are a bit difficult in today’s time but this part is not only about your skin but overall health. If you have a healthy mind, soul and body it would automatically reflect on your skin.

The way you treat your skin is what is reflected on your face. Notice the change once you start with this. Early you start, better it is.



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