It’s not late! Let the list of top 10 International biggest hits adorn your playlist


Music is a magic that reverberates through your heart and rejuvenates your soul. The symphonies and melodies have a tremendous power to soothe your nerves and let your mind gain its serenity. Music is one of those blessings that have been awarded to the universe, and today, legends of music have left no stone unturned to leave us spell-bound by creating great songs with the amalgamation of lyrics and music. Every song is unique in its own way, and throughout years, the definition of music for each individual has changed. While some still have the Beatles and the Pink Floyds as their favourites, the younger generation has adopted a new taste for music.

A million songs debut every day and more than a hundred albums get released, but only a few songs make it to the hearts of the people all over the world. So, after competing with a million other international songs, only the given songs have left an indelible mark on the hearts of the music lovers:

  1. Despacito by Daddy Yankee

Despacito by Daddy Yankee

Released on January 13, 2017, this song has not left the place that it had created in the hearts of the people all over the world. Recorded by a well-known artist Daddy Yankee and featuring Puerto Rican and Luis Fonsi, it is an amazing song which had crossed one billion viewers on YouTube in just three months and has been on the top in the list of the most-listened songs of today in more than 24 countries. There have been several versions of this song that have been released within such a short interval of time.

  1. Attention by Charlie Puth

Attention by Charlie Puth

Well-known across the globe for his “See You Again” that had been released in 2015, Charlie Puth had come up with an amazing song “Attention” which has also given a tough competition to other songs all over the world and has included itself on the second position among the biggest international hits of 2017.

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  1. Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

The English singer Harry Styles came up with his debut solo song “Sign of the Times” outside his boy band “One Direction”. Released on May 8, 2017, the song has not at all left the minds of the globe all across the globe and has enchanted everyone with his evergreen voice and an amazing blend of pop rock, soft rock and piano ballad.

  1. Bad Liar by Selena Gomez

Bad Liar by Selena Gomez

Youngest heartthrob female singer that has won hearts of billions with her extremely beautiful voice and looks recently got her song “Bad Liar” released on May 18, 2017. No wonder it had to become one of the biggest hits of all times. The song musically narrates the ignorance of her feelings for a new love interest that later she realizes that all of it makes her nothing but a ‘bad liar’.

  1. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

One of the major buzz created in the music industries all across the globe was only because of an unbeatable dancehall-infused pop song by an amazing English song-writer Ed Sheeran called ”Shape Of You”, which hiked itself to number one position in more than thirty countries as soon as it was released.

  1. I’m the One by DJ Khaled 

I’m the One by DJ Khaled

An unmatchable creation of one of the most famous American lyricist and performer DJ Khaled, this song has hit the world of hip hop music. The song “I’m the One” features Canadian singer Justin Bieber and American rappers like Quavo, Chance the Rapper along with Lil Wayne. 

  1. There’s nothing holding me back by Shawn Mendes

There’s nothing holding me back by Shawn Mendes

With its debut on April 20, 2017, the song “There’s nothing holding me back” by Shawn Mendes became the seventh most-listened song, and later shifted to number one. The third song of his album “Illuminate” even made it to the list of -10 in Australia and Denmark.

  1. Something just like this by Chainsmokers and Coldplay

Something just like this by Chainsmokers and Coldplay

The world-famous music bands like Chainsmokers and Coldplay, this song created a reverberation in the hearts of its billions of fans. “Something just like this” had been released on February 22, 2017 and since then it has been entertaining the whole world.

  1. Swalla by Jason Derulo

Swalla by Jason Derulo

A lead single song from Jason Derulo that had been launched on February 24, “Swalla” features world-known rapper Nicki Minaj and an American Singer Ty Dolla $ign. Once you listen to the song, there is no doubt you would start tapping your feet to its music and would soon find yourself absorbed with its captivating music.

  1. It Ain’t me by DJ Kygo and Selena Gomez

It Ain’t me by DJ Kygo and Selena Gomez

Another biggest hit of this year is “It Ain’t Me” by an outstanding Norwegian DJ Kygo and super-talented and versatile singer Selena Gomez. The most enchanting quality of the song is said to be its lyrics that narrates a ruined relationship which has been a result of alcoholism and frequent partying.

So, if you haven’t included these songs in your playlist, you should better be quick and download them today!



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