Mexico backs India’s membership for Nuclear Suppliers Group

Mexico backs India’s membership for Nuclear Suppliers Group

According to latest report from PTI India’s bid to get membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), has the backing of Mexico just days after it got Switzerland’s backing. This is important because India has the tough task of generating support to enter into this very important group to secure its future energy needs. Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto said his country is happy to constructively support India’s membership to the NSG. PM Modi who is visiting Mexico for the first time said “I thank the President for supporting India’s membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group”.

Nuclear Supplier’s Group: NSG

India practically has the support of all the countries except China who has deep reservation when it comes to India getting into NSG. The US has for a while supported India’s entry into the Group, but China is adamant  saying that India has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Even though India has clean record when it comes to control of proliferation of nuclear weapons.

It is very important and a growing necessity for India to get the NSG membership because only then the growing energy needs will be fulfilled and India will have access to technology that will help in areas, ranging from medicine to building nuclear plants.

Prime Minister Modi reiterated that Mexico was the first Latin American country to recognize India and he further added by saying “We are meeting for the third time in last two years. I truly value your friendship Mr. President,” and Mexico is an important partner for India’s energy security. We are looking to move beyond buyer-seller relationship and into a long-term partnership.” Just before PM Modi’s arrival Mexico’s President Pena Nieto tweeted

“It’s an honor to welcome you to our country, PM Narendra Modi. I trust that your stay in Mexico will be both productive and pleasant.”

Later in the evening President Pena Nieto will host a dinner in honour of PM Modi before he leaves for India.

Briefing the media before the PM’s five-nation tour in New Delhi, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar had said, “This visit’s origins lie in a meeting which Prime Minister had with the President of Mexico at the UNGA (UN General Assembly) last September. The President was very keen that he (Prime Minister) should visit Mexico early. This March, the Foreign Minister of Mexico was here and we discussed taking this further.”



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