Make me the chief minister again; I am sorry that I resigned so quickly. I promise not to act impulsively, please give me a chance. After the horrendous mistakes made during the general election AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal is again trying to resituate his party’s political fortune in Delhi. But the thing is, people of Delhi are not too happy with him or his party right now, because how can someone squander such political capital which was gained in the very first election that they fought. How can they rebuild the trust which they had with the people? What will be their new message and ideas for development for the people of Delhi? We have been devoid of a government for over one year and god knows who is running the day to day administration.

Also the political infighting which is going on or was going on within the AAP is not very helpful. Many senior AAP functionaries are openly expressing dissent and questioning the leadership. This is not a good sign coming from a new party. It is amazing how Yogendra Yadav an eminent intellect and psephologist could formulate such campaign strategy. Political parties always paid attention to him when he spoke and rendered his opinions. But it seems this time he got it wrong or this was purely an academic exercise to test his theories.

But the blame has to squarely fall on Arvind Kejriwal and his leadership. There is no point dissecting the poll result now for the Aam Admi Party. The next move has to be elections which will now be held in Delhi. The congress party is smarting from its drubbing in the general election and state elections knows it does not stand a chance of winning, so the bells of outside support are already ringing for AAP. The BJP is now totally convinced it will sweep the upcoming election to be held on 7th February and has already put its machinery to work but the problem is it does not have chief ministerial candidate like AAP or even the Congress which has elevated Ajay Makan. .

The congress party does not have a snowball chance in hell to get more seats then it won last time and maybe even less the second time around. It would probably lose more making it totally insignificant in Delhi state politics. It has already lost the Delhi University elections which also plays an important role in Delhi Politics. A sort of testing ground of serious election.

The AAP is surrounded from all corners. Its overtures to form government in Delhi clearly shows it is desperate and running out of options. So what to do, go back to holding rallies and protests in the streets of Delhi again. Yes, that is the only option, but it has some cracks in it and the whole idea is very fragile because the people are now hoping that the new Government of Modi and BJP will now do something to elevate them and resolve their problems. Most importantly the crippling inflation and rising food costs which is affecting millions. The BJP has the platform to address all this the APP does not.

One thing is clear, the AAP will go back to the streets, but would anyone will support them? Would they be able to generate and garner more support and win a recall? Highly unlikely but the BJP could falter. The momentum which the BJP has right now is that of a freight train in full speed but how long it can depend upon their “Campaigner in Chief” Narendra Modi. Do they sit back and enjoy the implosion of AAP which is what they should have done but Modi getting into thick of things in the campaign trail  has managed to elevate Kejeriwal and now it is a case of David v Goliath. And if BJP loses to AAP the ripple effect will be felt all over the country.

The Narender Modi government has acted very quickly on variety of domestic issues, because it knows the value of getting things done within the first 100 days and in this case they have had over six months. Having won elections in Jharkhand and Maharashtra, BJP has proved its mettle but winning Delhi  Assembly election is whole new ball game and the people in this city can be fickle. But one thing is certain the damage which was done by Arvind Kejeriwal back by relinquishing office still has not gone too well with the electorate and AAP has the work cut out this assembly election.



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