What justification one can give to kidnap innocent girls from their school in the middle of the night? What justification can be given to sell these girls into slavery? Boko Haram has already kidnapped over 300 girls and god knows probably already sold them or sexually exploiting them.   The name Boko Haram sounds like a rock band from Africa for those who do no their activities. Boko Haram which means no to western education or way of life is the most dangerous terror group in the Nigerian peninsula and whole of West Africa. They are a band of psychotic killers whose interpretation of Islam is as twisted as their brain. It seems with Islamic terror groups the more militant and ruthless you are the better. Every group wants to outdo each other and there is no place to be a moderate. They have made the lives of conservative Muslims very hard, because most Muslims cannot comprehend the fact that it is ok to kidnap innocent girls from their bed.

All over the world the offshoots of Al Qaeda are spreading havoc with their own brand of Islam. Zero tolerance towards other faiths and more importantly zero tolerance towards Muslims who disagree with them. There was a time a time when Wahhabism brand of Islam was considered to be very strict and intolerant. But the Salafi Islam is making Wahhabism look more liberal. This can be called a cruel irony. The Saudi rulers spent Billions of dollars to spread their Wahbi brand all over the Islamic countries. Osama Bin Laden was one of the byproducts.

But Boko Haram seem to have taken it few steps further when its leader announced that it was god who had instructed him to sell these girls. Is Abubakar Shekau the leader of Boko Haram calming to be the next prophet of Islam? Because if he is speaking to god then according to Islam he is committing an act of Blasphemy and should be punished. Then why this group is still receiving support from various quarters of the Islamic world. These acts do nothing to improve the image of Islam which has quite frankly taken a lot of beating in the two decades. Have Muslims condemned the action of Boko Haram? Yes, many likeminded Muslims are dead against the actions of this terror organisation. But somehow the voice of reason and moderation dies down and lose support and moderate Muslim voice is stifled. It is good to hear that the grand Mufti of Mecca and the secretary-general of the world’s largest bloc of Islamic countries said that the kidnapping of more than 270 Nigerian schoolgirls is a “barbaric” and “inhumane” act. This is certainly the step in the right direction. More Islamic leaders have to come forward and publicly and openly denounce these lunatics.

The level of interest and support people have given for the eventual rescue of these girls is very over whelming and the global community should do whatever is possible to resolve this injustice. But in this time of confusion and inaction on the part of the Nigerian government one has to wonder what would happen if and when the girls do return. Will they be treated with love and given all the support and counseling which anyone would need to overcome such trauma. Because in most cases, the female would be at the receiving end of the stick and will suffer from social stigma. If they are ever rescued the cost of their complete rehabilitation has to be taken by the government and every chance must be given to them to lead a normal life.



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