Getting into college is one of the major milestones of a person’s life. Not in terms of professionalism but in the rule of life. College changes you. It grooms you, helps you discover contours of your personality that you begin to embrace with pride and more than that, it makes you “cool”. Don’t believe me? Well those who have finished college should scroll down on fb to see how they looked in the first year and how their appearance has drastically changed over the three years of college!

It’s not just in terms of appearances that one can change, even the attitudes of a person are influenced by his/her peers, even teachers! Priorities are inversed and crumbled and a new set of priorities envelope you. If you are a fresher and concerned about all these sudden changes, fret not, it’s a college thing. More than that however, it’s a DU trend.

While most colleges follow the same pattern in terms of grooming a person’s personality, DU is far ahead in terms of changing a person’s preferences. The second you get past the first semester as a fresher, your priority shifts from scoring the highest marks to scoring the coolest friend. Your eyes are always glued on that one person you want to be friends with or that one cool group you want to be a part of. After all you need to make the three years of your college count? You start emphasising on the kinds of stories you will tell your kids someday. (It has to be a cool one)

Three months into college, you would find people forming peer groups based in this order:

  1. The Nerds: The cluster of intellects who would know more than the teachers
  2. The Onlookers: This is the set of people who have come to learn and take notes down like it’s the recipe to an elixir of immortality
  3. Confused opportunists: They are still not sure if they want to be in the course or shift to another one
  4. Modest Outfits: People who get along due to their fair sense of fashion and comparatively small budgets
  5. The Union material: This bunch already knows enough people to influence the vote count of third year elections.
  6. The Invisibles: They take time surfacing.
  7. The Plastics(quote Mean Girls): Now the plastics are not just It girls, in DU guys occupy a fair amount of space in these groups. They are mostly rich ‘brats’ who shop from Zara or maybe shop Palika, quote Zara types

Now the Plastics get major attention in the first two years of college. It’s typically DU in terms of materialism which is taught through experience. Now let’s see the psyche behind it. The plastics are the celebrities. They already have what one seeks to achieve in their lives, which is money, good looks, comfort etc. You want to be associated with them, sometimes to learn, sometimes out of curiosity and mostly out of your need to look cool. However, by the end of third year you will all realize the farce that is life of a DU student, not in a bad sardonic way, but in a funny way.

All this materialism helps in achieving a final revelation that makes you the person you want to be. It teaches you to be modern and active. Most students regret their lack of participation in college societies, not just because it makes you popular but also because it makes you informed and exposes you to the professional side of the activity.

DU has many colours but most of all, it grooms an individual. Its love for good looks, fashion and being trendy drives the life segments of students. Even its newsletter, DU Beat is all about fests and events which revolve around the trend setting lot of students. Life in DU is quite eventful. It makes you connect and shows you the filmy angle of a student’s life.



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