India is dreaming of becoming the super power by the year 2050 and meanwhile trying to play a role of big brother in Asiatic countries such Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. What are the requirements that a country has to full fill in order to have the status of ‘Big Brother’? What comes in mind, generally speaking, is economy, education and diplomatic interference at international stage for international issues. Along with that a country also needs to be fully equipped with technologically rich paraphernalia such as Missiles, War Planes, Submarines, ammunition and basic facilities. India is just dreaming based on certain international reports that read ‘India is the next superpower’, but it does not see if it really has the capability to be a ‘Super Power’.

If we go by the latest story published in one of the articles on NDTV, it says Indian Army positioned on Seachin borders do not have enough Boots, Bullets and Riffles to survive or in case war commences as Indian borders are on a high in most of the times, there is no one to save India. On the other hand, China is improving its Military and Navy and at times flexes its muscles by intruding Indian lines. A couple of days back DNA of Zee News ran a show regarding the sluggishness of DRDO which ran into extra expenses and shot its annual budget from RS. 3000 to Rs. 10000 Crore. The end result is, India has failed to create a world class assault rifle to meet the basic needs of our Army.

Parliament’s standing committee on Defense, headed by Major General BC Khanduri, submitted a report on the preparedness of Indian Army in the winter session which ended today (Dec 23rd, 2014). A report was submitted to Parliament by the committee which highlighted the current scenario of our Army positioned at critical areas. The soldiers in high-altitude areas are short of nearly 200,000 pairs of ankle leather boots; more than 130,000 canvas boots are needed in the same areas, hundred thousand mosquito nets are wanted, and soldiers are waiting for 65,000 Balaclavas or masks to keep their faces warm.

Also our Air Force has a very aging fleet of Mig21 (flying coffins) and Mig 27. Our requirement is of 45 Squadrons but we only have 25 and that is not the end of the bad news. Out of those 25 squadrons only 11 are operational worthy making India Vulnerable. The other 14 squadrons can fight but will not stand a chance against advanced jets which Pakistan and China have. Our indigenous fighter jet program (Tejes) has consumed more money and delivered zero results.

It is high time Indian and DRDO should notice the basic requirements and fulfills indigenously. The current scenario does allow India to sustain a war for long period and the maximum we can go on is for 40 days.



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