How long should we keep Pushing Pakistan?

How long should we keep Pushing Pakistan?

In the last 3 months the new government headed by Narendra Modi had one victory after another against Pakistan. But the question is how long we can push it? Is it in our best interest if Pakistan becomes a failed nuclear state? Is that our objective? Because if that is the objective, we will be putting ourselves at great risks.

Yes, politicians like to say things which can stir up nationalistic fervor and gain crucial political points and sadly this is what many of the politicians are doing on the other side of the border. But in India we are starting to get a little bit out of control. We all like to win, but no one likes a winner who gloats too much and this could definitely prove to be a good thing for Pakistan and we do not want that because not all statements deserve a reply.

Pakistan still is trying to stir the pot on the International border to get attention and every time that has proved futile. India must respond strongly but by action and not by words. People forget who hit who but words echo for a long time. The comments made by our defense minister Arun Jaitley when he said “When Pakistan used to fire, we always had a shield in our hand. This time we also had a sword,” will help him score major points with the public, but in the long run we do not want it.  Now I am not saying the defense minister should not have consolatory comments towards Pakistan and I am sure he and the BJP government want to start a dialogue soon, but under an equitable climate.

Maybe we need to tone down a bit. We have won this round and should remain alert not vocal, empathetic and not belligerent. Remember a cornered beast is most dangerous so it would be good to remember what San Tzu said “The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” In the long run, the path chosen by Pakistan will not be in its favor because they do not have what it takes to sustain themselves and we can. It is always unwise to discuss ones strength openly and parade the weakness of the enemy in public. Bold statement will give us pleasure but it will motivate them, and who knows what they might do when totally disparate.

Since the BJP came to power it has still somehow managed to get an extension on its honeymoon period, especially in foreign affairs which are rare because sooner or later there is always a cock up. But this has not happed thus far and there may be arguments against this, but so far BJP has won every session. So it would be prudent to continue and just for posterity we will have to carry Pakistan for few more rounds because if we knock them down they will disintegrate which is not in our best interest, so we must wear them down. Use the same tactic against them. A test match only lasts for 5 days but in this case BJP have 5 years and it’s still a long way to go.



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