The old American Habit of Coming Clean Late

The old American Habit of Coming Clean Late

America in all its infinite wisdom believes in one and one thing only, it is always right, it has always tried to proselytize nations that are unwilling to accept their thinking  and no impediment will be tolerated on the pursue of American way of life. The blunt admission by the Pentagon the American Military Nerve center of the support given by Pakistan to various terror groups which operate in Afghanistan and India to undermine security is not surprising by any means. This is one open secret which they knew but never publicly admitted because for over ten years Pakistan was the launch pad for the logistics to fight terror groups in Afghanistan and now that they have decided to leave it is very clear that the once non NATO partner has been kicked to the curb and the implicit admission of direct collusion with various proxies has now taken the form of explicit admission.

The Pentagon’s report to the US congress was precise and substantiated and was a long time due, however as the old euphemism goes it did not blow anyone’s skirt. In the report it is clearly mentioned that how Pakistan uses proxy elements to sponsor terrorism. In its six monthly report to the congress the Pentagon said “Afghan – and India – focused militants continue to operate from Pakistan territory to the detriment of Afghan and regional stability. Pakistan uses these proxy forces to hedge against the loss of influence in Afghanistan and to counter India’s superior military.”

Two questions come to mind.

Why admit now Pakistan’s role in destabilizing Afghanistan and use asymmetrical warfare tactics against India?

To answer the first question we must look at the historical relationship post 9/11 between America and Pakistan and how on the one hand Pakistan allowed its land to be used to fight terrorism and at the same time provided material support to Taliban, Al Qaeda, Haqqani Network and Lashkar-e-Taiba. Pakistan was on a downward spiral after it tested nuclear weapons and in return America imposed sanctions which greatly affected its already fragile economy. But 9/11 was a blessing in disguise for Pakistan as it bought lot of goodies from the US. From military hardware to other financial endowments going into Billions of dollars were given to Pakistan and it secretly and deceitfully used it against India.

Why publicly berate Pakistan and fall short of calling it a terrorist sponsoring state when America and its allies who have packed their bags and are now leaving?

The investment made by America is not working out and all the money spent in building a stable Afghanistan looks very bleak. The amount of Opium produced each year is not going down which in turn is funding the terror network. Also America now needs to focus more on Iraq and fight ISIS and the threat from the Khorasan group. Interest in Afghanistan was long lost with the people of America, Bin Laden is dead and President Obama has other domestic and international problems to deal with.

A lot of people in India were very happy when this 100 pages report was published and called it a vindication of our truth and the problems that we have faced over 20 years of Pakistan sponsored terrorism. But instead of rejoicing we need to think, in the eternal words of the Godfather Don Corleone “why we deserve this generosity?” Why this report should make us happy and what will be the outcome of it? It is not as if Pakistan will change overnight because everyone knows there is no communication between one hand to the other. The other hand i.e. the Army and the Inter Service Intelligence does what it thinks is in their best interests and India cannot expect Détente anytime soon.

By 2016 all foreign troops would have left and it will not take too much time for ISIS to spread its influence over this beautiful land called Afghanistan. Pakistan, especially the Army will always have and always will try to maintain its hegemony over its western neighbor and continue to use now the famous term “Non State Actors” which has now been debunked publicly and the veils lifted. There was and still ample evidence of the direct relationship between the ISI and various terror networks who have carried out direct terror actions against India and Afghanistan and the 26/11 attacks stands out.

All news papers and news network had field day with this news and experts were called to break every bit of this report and analysis were made. But to what use and propose, America had always advised India to show restrain and asked us to be patent but it had always acted by its own rules which sadly it creates as the situation demands. This is something which India has been shouting over the roof for god knows how many years. This report gave our foreign ministry the ammunition to fire and the ever so eloquent official spokesperson in External Affairs Ministry Syed Akbaruddin said “It manifests a growing acknowledgment in the international community of the extent of Pakistan’s involvement in international terrorism.”

The question is where was this acknowledgement which we deserved years ago and now since the dynamics of US Pak relationship has changed it is so easy to blame Pakistan. America was on the sidelines for a long time and 9/11 changed all that. For America it is “either you are with us or against us” policy. America needs India more than ever because China is running wild and they need a stable partner to counter that and so do we. But India must ask what about a nuclear and politically unstable Pakistan and its military which would neither let talks happen or relent from supporting terror organizations. This report was an open secret made public and can be called the old American Habit of Coming Clean Late, however it can be safely presumed Pakistan will not heed.



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