The Present Education System


The present trend of schooling is rather quick and early for toddlers. A child turns two and half years of age and parents are keen to send the child to playschool and begin the longest phase of a child’s life. The child learns to speak and develop various skills, and every parent has a dream that their child turns into a marvellous academician.

A child’s creativity and innovation gets hidden in the long monotonous and, sometimes useless, study material. Indian education system follows learning by cramping rather than knowledge. Practical knowledge is not where the school masters, rather grades and marks are the subject of significance. How irrelevant!

Undoubtedly, the awareness of other golden opportunities and careers came into light and people have come to respect those fields. For instance, sports, dance and music is given due importance, but the awareness rate is quite low. I have myself seen educated people comment on sport oriented people and discouraging them when they are busy toiling up the nights. To develop as a society and a nation, it is necessary that we change the way education is imparted to the newborns. Help them understand life values and give them the desired practical knowledge which gives them an edge over others.

Children are neither imparted logical reasoning nor encouraged to choose sports or extra- curricular activities as career. Once a child is successful in his field of work, then all mouths are shut. But before that, those always- open- mouthed people in the society doesn’t let you live peacefully.

In the age of Gurukuls, the child had to go to his teacher’s place named ashram and learn all the skills and build his personality. Knowledge wasn’t restricted to reading books and scriptures but overall personality development was given due importance. They were taught the skills that were required to lead a King’s life.

Over time, the education system has evolved and teaching- learning has become more systematic and compressed. No doubt, the subjects we study carry a particular significance but the real problem is about the style in which things are taught. To develop understanding, it is important that the concepts rather than marks are focused on. Children should understand by doing, not just by reading. Even Raghuram Rajan, the present governor of RBI, said that students must get a chance to learn by doing, not by reading. Almost all the educational institutions of developed and super power nations have adopted this method for education of their young generations.

Education must involve training for personality development and instilling values in a child which helps him distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. This way he will be a change seeker in this world, who would help change the orthodox and insensitive activities prevailing in the society. Though, a lot has changed in comparison to what existed previously, but still there are multiple things that can change for the betterment of all. Why do you think only a few percentage of people qualify the entrance exams of higher order even after being the high scorer at school and even the graduation level? Maybe, because marks are just the pretence of knowledge, not the actual statement of what you contain.

If parents are spending a large portion of their income in fulfilling the basic right of education, isn’t it the need of the hour that the quality of education should be enhanced? I guess it is.

Every child cannot share a common interest. Elders must understand that every child is unique and his talent should be enhanced and appreciated, because after all we just not require Albert Einstein, but also Sachin Tendulkar, William Shakespeare and Kalpana Chawla to make our nation proud.

The education system should be inclusive, leading to the fulfilment of the interest of all students irrespective of what they want to pursue. It should not be biased. Capture the interest of a child and let him grow in that field, so that he turns up the master of what he chose, setting a path for others too.



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