What If Pakistan Attacks India with Nuclear Bomb

What If Pakistan Attacks India with Nuclear bomb?

How Should India Respond if Pakistan Uses Nuclear Weapons?

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” Bhagavad Gita.

The above words were spoken by J Robert Oppenheimer American theoretical physicist and leader of the Manhattan Project, during World War II and he is often called “father of the atomic bomb.” He spoke those words from the Bhagavad Gita moments after the first atom bomb was detonated which was codenamed “Trinity”.

5Catastrophic Consequences

Any nuclear attack carried out by Pakistan over Indian soil will have catastrophic consequences for both nations. So it must be safe to assume this nightmare scenario must have been discussed and analyzed by highest echelon of policy makers and military strategists at length. But one thing is certain the impact of any nuclear attack on the Indian subcontinent will have far reaching effect which will impact generations. Other nations who border both our nations will also suffer significantly and economic fallout will also carry global implications.

But the true motivation behind this article is what India should do in the event, Pakistan in its desperation use of nuclear bombs to target our cities, important industrial facilities and target our advancing military with tactical warhead in the battle field. What should we do? How should we respond?

The plausible response will be a counter nuclear strike and since Pakistan is not a very big country we can hit all the targets. We would be compelled to act and the authorization to launch nuclear strike using ballistic missile from ground, air and sea will initiated. Millions will perish on both sides and the refugee crisis which the global community will face will be unprecedented in our history. A new Exodus of hundreds of millions of human being scrounging for food and water and the Indian subcontinent will become a “Mad Maxian reality.”

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