The Selfie Craze Has Reached Hajj

    The Selfie Craze Has Reached Hajj

    “Oh Allah, I ask of you a pilgrimage that does not boost or show off”, Prophet Mohammad said when he went for Hajj. The time has changed since then from being simply staunch followers to digitally active followers. The Muslims believe that all the followers of Islam should visit Hajj at least once in his lifetime. Millions of people from 164 countries or so make visits to the pilgrimage every year. This year Hajj is in news for different reason.


    The craze of Selfie has reached Hajj, the most sacred place on earth for the Muslims making it popular on all the social media sites. Twitter is laden with selfies which have Kaaba in the background or posed in the Masjid-al-Haram. It, as said by some on the social media sites, started all from a group of people taking selfie while resting during the journey. They posted instantly making it viral in seconds. People have started following the same trend as everyone wants to capture the memory with Kaaba at the back. This becomes a lifetime achievement for them as they happen to visit once the place in their lifetime.

    Things were fine till the debate started by some of the clerics and the Arab News Dailies have written their concerns repeatedly. Is it really defying the purpose of the visit? I have nothing to say as I leave it for the people to decide. However, it is important to know that all the religions of the world spread based on their promotional activities and propaganda across the globe, be it Christianity, Hinduism or Islam. We all talk good of our respective religions by giving fine examples and talk about various pilgrimages. When there is no problem at all with the promotion and boosting, there should not be any issue with the selfies getting clicked at the place. Even the Pope Francis authored the maiden Papal selfie. There is no harm at all in my opinion. Still, I am not giving my WORDS if it is defying or not. Just putting food for thought.

    A lot of books have been written on Kaaba, Mecca and Medina which was welcome by the world community as well the Islamic world. When there was no issue, then it should have been supported as well. These people are just trying to capture their most sacred place in their phones to make it an everlasting memory. Camera phones were not allowed till few years back, but the committee has allowed it. The world is crazy about the Selfie thing and with the permission to enter the most sacred place it is simply not possible to stop the digital pandemic. The narcissistic obsession for self digital portrait is contagious to the pilgrims of Mecca and Medina.



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