Top 10 Most Unforgettable And Instantly Recognizable Background Music Score From Hollywood

    Top 10 Most Unforgettable And Instantly Recognizable Background Music Score From Hollywood

    Now it would not be possible to rate which of these original music score for a hollywood film is the best ever composed, but the idea behind it is how quickly one can remember.  These are not just music score; they have become a pop classic and have even been parodied in several films as an allegory.

    1. Chariots of Fire

    The musical score given in this film was by Vangelis is popular and even today a lot of films have used the background music for different purpose.

    1. Jaws

    The original score by John Williams is now used as a background score in many films as a parody for danger.

    1. Psycho

    Even today the background score from this film can scare anybody. The bathroom scene and the score for that can be instantly recognized

    1. 2001 A Space Odyssey

    An iconic films and the theme from this film is always associated with the unknown. The music from this film revived some classics.

    1. Star wars

    Again music by John Williams and the score from this films is now associated with absolute authority.

    1. James Bond

    Now who can say they have never heard of the James Bond theme music composed by John Barry. The music is always related to adventure and danger.

    1. The good bad and the ugly

    This theme has always been used many times to express confrontation between individuals. Music composed by Ennio Morricone will always remain an un-forgetful classic.

    1. Terminator

    Who can forget the music from this film? The sound of hammer hitting anvil is now associated with doomsday. Music by Brad Fiedel which basically defined his carrier.

    1. The great Escape

    Music by Elmer Bernstein can instantly recognize with its beautiful drum beats. Its music gives you the feel to never give up.

    1. The Magnificent Seven

    One of the best western movies ever made and the music reflects the friendship and comradery between men.

    1. The Pink Panther

    Music by Henry Mancini is magnificent and the score from this film is always associated with naughtiness and innuendos.

    1. Indiana Jones films

    Again a very recognizable theme from this franchise always associated with adventure.

    1. A summer Place

    Music by the legendary Max Steiner who composed music for Gone with the Wind. But the theme from summer place will always be remembered for romance and leisure.

    1. Shaft

    What a theme that is all one can say. The original score by Isaac Hayes has reached cult status. Off all the sound tracks this  is probably the coolest. A man’s man music.

    1. The Batman

    A very un-forgetful musical score by Danny Elfman gave this iconic comic character a dark even more dark persona.



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