Only Fair Is The Color In IPL

Only Fair Is The Color In Ipl

Is IPL true cricket? From the looks of it yes, but it is also one hell of an entertainment. Cricket Balls flying to all corners of the stadium, batsman playing trick shots and fielders taking breath taking catches. But in this all bru ha ha we have our cheerleaders. Beautiful, jumping, gyrating and bouncing cheerleaders. Now it cannot be suggested that people who go and watch IPL only do so because of these cheerleaders, but it helps. But the serious question which we must all ask ourselves is why they i.e. cheerleaders are or white and mostly blond.

I have not seen even a a single cheerleader who is African or Asian in the last few years. Are they not pretty? Do they not know how to cheer? Or our Indian Public cannot stand the sight of Dark Skinned women as cheerleaders? Maybe in our minds we just assume all cheerleaders are white because most of them are when you watch American television or we just don’t see any African American because the mind sees what it wants to see. We must either suffer from a serious case of Scotoma a figurative blind spot in a person’s psychological awareness or we are obsessed with White Skin.

A couple of season ago there was an incident were two black cheerleaders from the UK were sent back. So now the best solution to this problem is not hire any dark skinned cheerleader’s period!

Sadly our obsession with the white skin is not just skin deep it is in our psyche. Pick a news paper and go the matrimonial section, you will find all sorts of request and specification. The most prominent and common demand will be “Wanted tall, fair and beautiful girl”. So obsessed we are with the color white we want to scrub away our natural color from our skin. Are we ashamed or we are Hypocrites?

Medically proven advantages of having dark skin 

But the scientific evidence is otherwise. If your skin color is dark, the most important advantage of having large amounts of melanin in the skin is that it protects skin from the damaging impact of the sun. It guards the skin from short-term effects such as severe sunburn. (Though despite melanin, the skin can burn under certain circumstances). Then why make these solar resistant beauties suffer in the out Indian summer. But the point is the advantages of being dark skinned are much more than being white.

  1. Most Indians are have high Resistance to heat or cold, as well as resistance to the activity of inorganic antimicrobial compounds thus improving natural overall health. Our Melanin offers us more resistance.
  1. We have a very low risk of getting skin cancer because pigmentation has widely been viewed as photo protective largely because darkly pigmented skin is at significantly lower risk of developing skin cancer than is fair skin.
  1. Our nervous system is far more protected as Melanin acts as a free radical scavenger and has been shown to protect against ‘Cryptococcus neoformans’, a parasite of the central nervous system.
  1. It is known that Caucasians suffer from heightened rates of many diseases that affect the central nervous system. For example, Huntington’s disease, optic neuritis, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Not that Indians are exclusively protected from the above mentioned maladies.
  1. It gives us immunity against diseases from insects, as melanin is known to protect against attack from disease, by engulfing and killing invading micro-organisms. It also gives us protection from bacterial infection because Melanin has properties to protect from bacterial infection.
  1. Last but not least, the most important point, it makes us look younger and Melanin has many significant health as well as beauty benefits. It guards our skin from long-term damage vspots (sometimes called liver spots).
  1. Women of color also have the advantage of possessing the naturally warm, glowing skin sought after by white women without having to spend hours tanning the skin at the beach or a tanning salon.

The above points are scientifically proven, then why we discriminate ourselves are we misogynist. Why we create an air of desperation in the hearts and mind of our young men and women that being born dark skinned is a crime.

Do we not have beautiful Indian woman who can cheer for us or we are racist and sexist in thinking that our dear woman are too pure and virtuous to be paraded in public in this fashion.



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