Deadly Attack in Dhaka: Foreign Nationals Taken Hostage

Attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Deadly Attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh

On the last Friday of Ramadan, some nine terrorists attacked a Spanish restaurant, Holey Artisan Bakery, by opening fire and taking around 30 people hostage, news agencies quoted. The terrorists opened fire around 9.20 PM shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ and closed the doors of the restaurant. Two Italian nationals have been killed as well as one police chief, Muhammad Salauddin of a Gulshan local police station. One more police personnel is injured and getting medical treatment in the local hospital.

Shooting in Dhaka Restaurant:

The attack was fully organized as the militants knew that on Friday there were a lot of people in and around that restaurant area. They are reported to have done recce of the place as that diplomatic place is under stringent security all the time. This is a security lapse by both the intelligence and local police. Rapid Action Force of Bangladesh (RAB) has been deployed in the diplomatic zone of Dhaka.

Attack in Dhaka

RAB Deployed:

The chief of the elite anti-crime force, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), informed reporters Friday night that they were working to save the lives of the people trapped inside the restaurant. Some foreigners are believed to be among the hostages. One driver who was present at the gate was shot in the neck. The driver is getting medical treatment.

Government has blocked live telecast of the current situation so as to procrastinate any untoward incidence. It is yet to ascertain, which terrorist organization these terrorist belong to. The purpose of the attack is not clear as the RAB or the local police are yet to establish connection with the terrorists holding up in the restaurant. It is reported that there may be around 60 people taken hostage as the capacity of the restaurant is around 100. This restaurant is an open Spanish restaurant.

Of late, there has been numerous attacks on Hindu nationals of Bangladesh and even this morning a Hindu priest was hacked to death by local extremists. The government has denied the hands of ISIS in any of the attacks happened in the recent past. Bangladeshi government has arrested around 8000 people against the recent attacks on the Hindu nationals.

Barack Obama has been briefed on the situation and Indian foreign office is in constant touch of the situation. Indian foreign office has confirmed that no Indian diplomats are in danger. “We have accounted for all Americans working for the chief of mission authority” in Dhaka, John Kirby, a State Department spokesman said. He called the situation “fluid.” In the holy month of Muslims, a lot of deadly attacks have been reported. People have not come out of the shock of Istanbul attack and this attack in Dhaka has shaken everyone once again.

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